The Mom Voice

PMS (Pretty Much Stinks!)

The Mom Voice
PMS (Pretty Much Stinks!)

Jul. 5th, 2021 –  In this episode, the ladies sit down together after a brief hiatus and have a big chat about PMS! Though touched on here and there they’ve never had a complete episode about PMS (shocker, right?!) As women, they vent on all the many challenges and annoyances of our cycle! And what a big bother PMS can be. They also laugh at how their husbands prep and guard themselves when it’s that time of the month. Sarah shares her experience with a new hormone doctor and figuring out her balance. You’ll hear how she’s amazed how much better she feels and encourages women to find answers if things feel extreme. They close out with their hits and misses of the week – Lauren’s hit of a recent girls trip! And Sarah’s miss that involves her new puppy and tampons (yikes!).


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