The Mom Voice

The 8 Habits That Can Kill a Married Sex Life

The Mom Voice
The 8 Habits That Can Kill a Married Sex Life

Sept. 6th, 2021 – In this episode, the girls sit down for a juicy relationship talk as they discuss the 8 habits that can kill a married sex life. It’s been a minute since they’ve chatted about marriage and husbands so this is a good refresher for all of us out there! They follow an article written by a married man & father who talks about 8 bad habits that can really affect your relationship. They discuss each and give advice for these warning signs. From laziness to the dangers of pornography – these are all great points and things to be aware of. The women close out with their hits and misses of the week. Lauren has already secured play dates with new friends from school and Sarah’s hit of unsubscribing from the marketing emails!


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