Talking Fashion, How Our Style Has Evolved & No-Spend September!

Episode 131 August 30, 2021 00:39:27
Talking Fashion, How Our Style Has Evolved & No-Spend September!
The Mom Voice
Talking Fashion, How Our Style Has Evolved & No-Spend September!

Show Notes

Aug. 30th, 2021 –  This week the ladies kick off the convo with a funny rant about boys and their bathroom habits.  Sarah shares a funny oberservation she made the other night and they talk about all the spills, smells & toilet seat mishaps. They then dive into their fashion style and share some fun mormories of how it’s developed over the years.  Each describes their own personal style today and they laugh at how it’s evolved over the past 10 years. This talk of retail therapy leads to a commitment they’re making to do a NO SPEND SEPTEMBER – or a spending freeze during the month of September for non-essential items.  Interested in joining?!  DM us on IG!


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